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4.0 stars | 1 reviews
4.0 stars | 1 reviews
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Matt Tabrizi
1 month ago

Caterer and Private Dining in Bellville, TX

How does a heaping helping of good old southern cooking done the cowboy way sound? When you have a hankering for some mouthwatering comfort food served with a heavy dose of Southern hospitality at your next event, hire Grady Spears and The Pitched Fork. We're proud to be your go-to Southern caterer, offering a hearty selection of satisfying cowboy cuisine that's sure to fill your tummy and leave a smile on all your guests' faces. Whether your favorite is Grady's chicken fried steak, amazing cabrito, buttermilk biscuits, bacon-wrapped shrimp, or one of our vast selections of tempting side dishes, there's something on our menu to satisfy everyone's tastebuds.

Direct From Our Cowboy Kitchen

Here at The Pitched Fork, we pride ourselves on serving the best down-home cooking at private dinners, pop-ups, and events throughout Bellville and surrounding areas. Our secret — cowboy cook and author Grady Spears and his world-famous chicken-fried steak and cabrito prepared the cowboy way. Whether you want to serve your guests a hearty meal or experience authentic Southern cuisine, Grady's down-home cooking is the perfect choice. Book his catering services today and enjoy a taste of the South at your next gathering!


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